Gruppo MATI® srl P. IVA e C.F. 01730630470 REA PT-174450 sede operativa Via Bonellina, 49 - 51100 Pistoia - tel. 0039 0573/380051 sede legale Via Carlo Levi, 15/A Loc. Ferruccia 51031 Agliana (Pistoia) - Note legali

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The companies of Gruppo MATI


Working in synergy, they bring together a staff working closely in harmony to supply original project planning and technical assistance, plants of quality and specialist gardeners, the latest in irrigation and technology. This operation in synergy between complementary companies makes for a lean operation, accelerates implementation, resolves problems in the field to permit great results without wasting efforts and resources.

Gruppo MATI (Group MATI) is at your disposition.
For further information on the companies in the group see the links below.

For information on complete garden projects or individual services offered by each company in the group click on the link Gardens up on your left.
Piante Mati p.IVA 00107860470 | Piante Mati Studio p.IVA 01399570470 | Giardineria Italiana p.IVA 01355320472

Piante Mati Studio Mati Giardineria Italiana